You can give an extra special gift to local families this Christmas

Imagine going to sleep on Christmas Eve in a makeshift bed…

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning cold and hungry…

Imagine being unable to cook your children a hot meal, let alone a Christmas dinner, because your cooker is broken and you can’t afford a new one…

This is the reality for so many local families this Christmas.

You can give a Christmas gift this year that will change lives – and not just for Christmas. Help to ensure that local families are warm, safe and fed by donating now.

And for every £10 donated you will help to access £50 from charitable trusts that are available to help local families in need, which means you can give an extra special gift this Christmas:

£5 donation = £25: you would heat a home for a week
£10 donation = £50: you would feed a family for a week
£25 donation = £125: you would buy a child a bed
£50 donation = £250: you would buy a cooker for a family
£100 donation = £500: you would buy essential items for a family to set up a new home after being homeless

Text YULE20 £10 to 70070 to donate £10 now or donate here.

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