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Welcome Michaela, our new Ambassador

We are delighted to welcome Michaela Forty, MD of Family Care Advice, as a Charity Link Ambassador. Michaela will be helping to highlight our work at events and through her networks. Michaela says:

 “Many people are not aware of the incredible work Charity Link do in helping some of the most vulnerable people in society. Throughout my years in health and social care, I have seen first hand the difference Charity Link has made to peoples lives.It is astonishing that in 21st century Britain, I have found people living in conditions that a lot of us can’t imagine. 

I came across one gentleman who was in his seventies and sleeping on a deckchair.  He had no bed and his fridge was faulty.  Charity Link was able to provide these items which improved his health and wellbeing as he could get a good night’s sleep and keep food products fresh. Their help is priceless to so many people and I’m keen to do my bit in increasing awareness of this amazing charity.”

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