Nigel’s story

Nigel has been through so much in his life, including a life-changing injury that prevents him from working. This has led to financial hardship and a period of homelessness.

Other challenges have included the loss of his mum and son, and when he was the victim of cuckooing,  he needed help to get back on his feet.

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Nigel has been through so much in his life

Nigel was referred to us by his housing support worker.

Nigel has experienced a huge amount of upset in his life. Having had a career in the construction trade, he has been unable to work for some time after suffering a serious back injury which left him with significant long-term mobility issues. He has also been diagnosed with arthritis, diabetes and mental health issues, including severe anxiety. Due to financial pressures caused by no longer being able to work, Nigel found himself homeless for a while, before being provided with a council tenancy in a bungalow to help him enjoy a more settled future.

Unfortunately, Nigel’s happiness was short-lived. He received news that his mum had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and he went to help with her care.  After she died, Nigel came home to his bungalow, but far from being a comforting return, he found that it had been taken over by a gang. Not only were they living there, but the property had been trashed and illegal dog breeding was taking place. The majority of Nigel’s possessions had been broken and there was a huge amount of damage, with dog faeces on walls and floors throughout the property. It was unsafe for Nigel to stay and the police became involved, with the council placing him in temporary accommodation. 

Whilst the gang were eventually removed and Nigel could return home, he soon discovered that he had large debts on utilities due to bills missed and the usage of those who took over his home.  Life wasn’t to get any easier for Nigel as his son then sadly passed away (within months of his mum), leaving him not only to face the trauma of his death, but also thousands of pounds in debt from funeral costs.

After such an upsetting time, thankfully Nigel is receiving support and his key worker is helping him to manage his debt, including helping him with the regular calls he receives from debt collectors which have been causing him a huge amount of distress.

Whilst on a very limited income, Nigel has been doing his best to find some money to redecorate, particularly to cover the faeces stains and the bungalow is slowly getting back to being something like a home. But Nigel knew he had no way to afford the orthopaedic bed he needed or the money to replace his cooker after it was broken. 

Nigel’s key worker applied to us for support, knowing that an orthopedic bed would make such a difference to his comfort and quality of sleep.  Replacing his broken cooker would also make such a difference, as convenience food was proving expensive and being able to prepare healthy meals was vital in helping to manage his diabetes.

Thanks to you support, we have been able to help Nigel with both of these items. They may be relatively small, but are an important part of helping him to restore some dignity and improve his health and wellbeing going forward. Whilst Nigel’s life remains challenging, he continues to be helped to improve his situation and process all that he has been through.   Thank you for helping to make a real difference.

"It’s fantastic to see all the ways the community comes together to improve the lives of people in need. From undertaking challenges, to dress-up days, quizzes, raffles and cake-bakes, to donating, setting up a regular gift, volunteering or spreading the word, it all helps to ensure people living in hardship are warm, safe and fed and have the basics in life that we all deserve."

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